SWATCO – The Fireside Chat – April Newsletter

“Side-By-Side or Over-And-Under… Your choice”


Well, I’m about as tall as a shotgun and just as noisy”  – Truman Capote
In the late 1970’s “The New Avengers”, a TV series about the shenanigans of British Intelligence was broadcast on SABC. One of the “crowd-puller” stars of the show was a pretty girl versed in the art of espionage. She was a high-kicking, crack-shot and svelte spy with a signature short hair-cut. Her name was Purdey.Purdey, the super-spy has her roots in 1814, for this was when the gunsmiths of the eponymous name started their illustrious history in Price’s Street, London. Within a very short time, they became known as “The” London gunsmith. Two centuries have elapsed and they still conduct the hushed respect that typifies the very finest of British shotgun manufacturers.


Along this path, other esteemed names have joined Purdey as timeless classics. One has only to think of Boss, Churchill, Westley Richards and even the lesser –known but equally beautiful guns crafted by the Birmingham gunsmiths.

Europe, especially shotguns crafted in Belgium and Germany are fine pieces in their own right, just as the pieces crafted by the industry’s Mediterranean counterparts. One only has to mention AYA and Beretta, and cognoscenti agree in murmured tones.

In America, early model Winchester, Remington, Ruger as well as the iconic Parker’s are collected eagerly by aficionados.
What shot-gunning allows is the “grass-roots” symbiosis to unfold on the bird hunt. To be a spectator watching the subtle nuances between the man, a fine dog and the feathered quarry is worthy of front-row seats.

The interaction between the three, is, just maybe one of hunting’s most beautiful tapestries.

This newsletter is dedicated to FTCH Fairwood Dino, English Pointer, Field Trial Champion, but more importantly Paulo’s best friend.



Czechoslovakian, .308 4-shot bolt-action rifle with a hand finished Bavarian full-stock.

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Custom .308 Winchester rifle on a K98 Mauser Spandau 1900 action and a Ferlach 24 ” sporting barrel. This is a 5 + 1 capacity rifle with both the woodwork and metalwork in excellent condition.

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