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“The Immortal .22”

But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect” – Phoebe Ann Moses (Annie Oakley)

The “point 22”, “twenty two” or simply the “22” is the baby of ballistics and cartridges that holds the record as the most common ammunition sold internationally.

The .22LR cartridge was introduced in 1887 by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. The calibre’s roots are in the .22 CB Cap (1845) as well as it’s more recent relative, the .22 Short (1857). The final evolution of the evergreen .22LR was the marriage of the casing of the .22 Long to the 40 grain projectile of the .22 Extra Long.

It was embraced warmly on both sides of the Atlantic, The august European manufacturers such as Voere, Krico as well as Mauser have produced numerous collectable models.

In the USA, Remington and Winchester produced their so-called “gallery” guns – these were the staples of the galleries, fairs and amusement parks – who have since graduated to producing fine bolt-action models. Ruger, another stalwart of American firearm manufacturing has a diverse range of rimfire models in rifles and handguns. 1979 saw the launch of Kimber, regarded as producing some of the finest .22LR rifles ever. The Marlin Mod. 39 has the distinction of being the longest continually produced firearm in the history of armaments. Harrington and Richardson’s M6/165 commonly known as “the Leatherneck” – using the same grip dimensions as the M1 Garand – was for a number of decades the training rifle of the U.S. Marine Corps.

The intrinsic charms of the “Little Feller” are many; low cost of ammunition, with a 500-round “brick” costing less than 20 rounds of premium centre-fire ammunition. Low-recoil, noise levels and ease of handling is what makes the .22 such an endearing calibre. Skills are honed using this mighty fine rim-fire and subsequently extrapolated to the larger calibres.

Our recommendation is to make one of your first purchases a .22LR, either in a rifle or handgun. Not only are they cost-effective tools but ultimately will make you a better and more accurate shooter.



Czechoslovakian manufactured .22LR bolt-action rifle and original 5-shot magazine includes UltraOptec 4×32 scope. Very good original condition.

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An American made civilian version of the marine corps training rifle. Made from 1948 to 1952. .22LR, 10-shot magazine semi-automatic. Good condition.

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