Adults are just outdated children.

‘Adults are just outdated children” – Doctor Seuss

Foundations are in essence what everything is built on, and children are no different. The instilling of values and ethics into the young will often define how a person perceives and conducts themselves through life.

Outdoor pursuits are a wonderful avenue which will teach younger people the advantage of responsible ethics. Whether one is hunting, fishing or just camping out, skills are taught that can be applied to everyday life. Not crowding someone on a trout stream is the same philosophy as not being on top of someone in a shopping queue – Covid-19 or no Covid-19.

Shooting in front of another gun during walk-up bird shooting equals to pushing someone off the road. Not tidying up a camp-site prior to heading back to the city tells me you have scant regard for nature. An angler with good streamside manners will reflect sound etiquette in day-to-day life.

A wingshooter who doesn’t steal another hunter’s bird is worth knowing. Leaving behind a clean camp-site says a whole lot of how a person lives.

Start them young, and then stand back and watch magic happen.

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