I think we have been spared…

“My first rule of consumerism is never to buy anything you can’t make your  children carry” – Bill Bryson


Wherever you look today you will be bombarded with advertising, the ferocity of the consumer market is such that “every sale counts” is the brief ordered from the top.

Just about every product purchased today has “built-in redundancy” designed into it. You fork out tens of thousands of rand for the latest and greatest in a digital camera and the scene is always the same, “Sorry bud!, the image sensor is full, bin it and buy another one”.  “Incidentally, while you are here let me show you our latest model, THIS will really impress you”. “How can something possibly impress me when state-of-the-art camera is now just a really expensive paperweight ?”

I think the firearm industry has largely been spared from this charade. Most developments, designs and inroads made in the industry are plausible improvements that really have made a difference. Glock, pioneer in polymer-framed handguns being a prime example. Looking around today one sees their innovation being used by just about every handgun manufacturer. Modern bullet design is another area that’s really had massive benefits on the hunting market.

Lastly your “hundred-and-something” year old Mauser will be every bit as coveted today as the day it was built. The 1911 Colt .45ACP which was a family heirloom from your grand-father is still met with a nod of approval.

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