As the lockdown has been extended for a further two weeks I thought of some additional projects that will further cement domestic bliss as well as endear you to your neighbours.

Firstly, as promised last posting I want to share some reloading data using houshold cleaning chemicals.
Being fresh out of scouring powder I had to develop a new .300 Win Mag load by substituting instant oats, just remember to alter the ratio as it plays havoc in the kitchen.

Rumour has it that another WONDERFUL way to whittle away time is to lovingly dubbin any leather item found in your home.Apparently if you apply yourself diligently to the task you can spend the better part of the day on a single shoe.
Another absolutely fun-filled event is to totally dismantle your microwave oven, from the pile of spares you can now knock-up an electric blender as well as a toy suitable for children under the age of three.

Try watching your favourite movie with Finnish sub-titles….and if that’s not cerebrally challenging you can always go out and mow the wet grass with an electric mower.

’til next time.
Stay safe and healthy.