Credit/s: National Hunting and Shooting Association 1.     We advise that you first be a little patient before your rush off to take “advantage” of the announced firearms amnesty. 2.     The exact processes to be implemented by SAPS are not yet known. We also still have no knowledge of the questions which will be asked on […]

The Fireside Chat – October Edition

AMERICAN FIREARM ICON “Do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk?”- Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry”-1971  Clint Eastwood was immortalised for the famous quote from the film, what was equally noteworthy was that his firearm was a Smith & Wesson revolver. Smith & Wesson’s humble roots go back to 1852 when Horace Smith and Daniel. B […]

The Fireside Chat – August 2019

SIGNS FROM THE VELD  “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein  With the hunting season firmly behind us, and the post-season chores all taken care of it’s time for a bit of leisure reading. A dedicated outdoorsman, with an understanding of his natural environment will inevitably be a […]

No firearm amnesty as of yet but be prepared.

South Africans with expired green barcoded firearm licenses and white firearm license cards will need to continue waiting as on the 11th September, as the police made a proposal to the Portfolio Committee on Police that a Firearm Amnesty should be declared for the period 1 October 2019 until 31 March 2020. This unfortunately was not […]

The Fireside Chat – July 2019

BUSHVELD CUISINE“Light a campfire and everyone’s a storyteller”- John Geddes Food, and the preparation thereof covers a wide spectrum of tastes  and skills on any South African outdoor excursion. The ritual of spending time around a fire on a cold winter’s evening is a treasured highlight of the day, where stories tend to get bolder […]