“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

2020……Normally this is used to describe someone having outstanding vision. For most people however 2020 will mean something totally more abstract. This will be the year that will be remembered for the massive effect that Covid-19 had on the world as a whole.

Whatever plans one had were turned upside, inside out and then flung around like a bored child discarding a broken toy. The impact on people’s health, both physical as well as mental was severe. Focus changed from where your next vacation was going to be, to the mere act of just staying healthy. The massive lockdowns that were implemented on an international level had adverse effect as well, both financially as well as from a social perspective.

This is not going to be known as the year of new product launches, most manufacturers in the firearm industry just tried to stay focused and “keep the eye on the ball”. Hunting in South Africa came to a virtual standstill during the last season, and it was only in the closing of winter that legislation was relaxed sufficiently to allow some hunting to take place.

Enough moaning though! Hopefully the New Year will bring some sort of turn-around to the madness that was 2020.

SWATCO would like to take this opportunity to thank all their customers and friends for their support throughout the year.

See you all in 2021


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